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HOME AGAIN As an exercise in self discipline I have decided to write a monthly BLOG on what I propose to do, what I found challenging and how many mistakes I made.   Yes I make mistakes but some of the mistakes are taking an approach that does not fit in with miniaturisation.   And so a work around has to be found to bring back the quality I desire.   For some, they will ask the question as to why I tried that method at all, for other they will make the statement that they also have been there.   Hopefully the BLOG will help me keep on course with the planned development of my work.   Maybe just maybe these words will help others in their quest to make quality miniature marvels of dolls house furniture.
As I will be mainly making miniature of known designers I will refer to them by their initials Charles Rennie Mackintosh CRM, Charles Limbert CL, Gustav Stickley  GS
JAN 2018 This month I propose to make a CL Pedestal.  It is a fairly simple design.  I am going to use steamed pear wood and spirit stain it Golden Oak and Dark Oak.   The drawings have already been prepared but I need to prepare the stock wood.   This will give me a chance to use my new drum sander thicknesser that I imported from America.  Normally I would use my planer thicknesser on pear wood but with a new toy for the new year I need to try it out.  I will also prepared the stock wood, this time Castillo box wood, for a GS round table.  Again I will stain the wood prior to gluing up but I am undecided what wood colour to use.   I will try some colours on the scraps before I decide on the final two.  Note that I say I will make a piece but end up with two pieces.   This is because I always make more component pieces than I need as wood imperfections and mistakes can occur, so it is best to have extra pieces ready 
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