Have you ever wished for a special piece of 1/12th scale miniature furniture for your doll's house but cannot find it anywhere?   Well here is your chance to request a special piece.   This will be your 'Special' to your specification for your doll's house.   Building to my wife's likes and wishes because the catalogues did not have the required piece of furniture made me realise that there must be many more collectors who would like their own special theme in their doll's house.   It could be a model of your own favourite piece of furniture, a desired piece, a piece to fit a style and theme or in fact your own design because your are the next Charles Rennie Mackintosh or William Morris.   This is your chance to make your doll's house what you want it to be rather than a copy of a catalogue.

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If you have an interest in a special or a product then email your interest to   Offer as much detail as you can regarding design and required timescales.   I will get back to you to confirm that I think I can give a quality piece of work in the time scale and an offer price.    We agree a price and deposit.   I complete the work and send detailed photographs.   If you are satisfied then you complete the payment and I send your treasure to you.

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