My Workshop

Over the years I have collected tools and machines which are in keeping with making models.   This has not been an easy task as long ago small machines were not available or were very expensive.   My first small machine was my TOYO ML1 lathe TOYO ML1.(Click on images to see a larger picture)   This is now used alongside my Proxxon PD 230E ProxxonLathe.   Why do I need two baby lathes you may ask?   Well when I bought the TOYO I could not afford all the accessories, so it now has limitations.   Having learned from this experience I purchased the Proxxon with every accessory that was available.   Now I know that I can 'turn' my hand to anything that the lathe can do.   The next leap forward was the introduction of the Proxxon thicknesser.   I have modified the table and can now produce stock to a thickness of less than 1 mm.   I really like this as it means when working to reduced drawings I can match the reduction to 1/12th scale exactly.   The thicknesser resolution is 0.05 mm and I check the thickness with a micrometer.   Next in the list of importance I would put the Proxxon - Mill Drill Stand BFB 2000, Compound Table KT 150 and the Mill Drill System BFW 40/E MillDrill, all three come together to make an excellent mill for miniature work.  It is so important that I have two of these systems.   I have made various fixtures for this system that allows me to prepare my stock for the model to a very high degree of accuracy.   By now you should see that I am a fan of Proxxon tools for model making.   So to add to the stable are the Band Saw MBS 240/E MBS240E BandSaw, Bench Circular Saw KS 230 KS230, Table Saw FKS/E TableSaw FKS_E, Micro Bench Router MT 300 Router Table.   However for my Power Fret Saw (Scroll Saw) I use a Hegner HM 2SV Hegner

I mentioned that I had made fixture for my mills which are a very important part of preparing my material for my models.   However, there are many more tools which I have made as none are available to buy at the sizes I want.   I have made several slot cutters from Silver Steel which have been hardened and tempered (H&T).  Small chisels, from High Speed Steel, to make the mortise for my mortise and tenon joints .   Small turning tools for turning small detail on spindles are made from High Speed Steel or Silver Steel H&T.   If the shape is simple then it is best to grind the High Speed Steel otherwise if the shape is more complicated then it is easier to form in Sliver Steel then H&T.   There is a case for declaring that you practically have to make a new tool for each new piece of furniture you make as there is sure to be some facet of the design that will require a special tool.   I consider that it is my ability to design and make these tool that enhances the end result of a quality miniature.

Finally there is a multitude of other items that assist in getting the correct feel to the model.  An airbrush for varnishing, I consider an essential item to gain an incredibly thin coating on the model.  A selection of tweezers, a selection of needles, a selection of abrasives, a selection of wood stains, a selection of woods, a selection of glues and many more.   Not forgetting my wallpaper stripping steamer to steam bend the curved items which would have been steam bent in the real thing.

There is an adage that says "a workman should never blame his tools", with my tools in my workshop I can never blame my tools, they are too good.